King Arthur Challenge Complete! ⚔️🛡

So…in my last post, I told you about the virtual challenge I signed up for through Yes.Fit, the King Arthur Challenge. I am happy to announce that I have completed the challenge, days before my set goal. I promised that I would give tidbits of information as I went along, regarding the route as it partained to Arthurian legend, however, I got so caught up in the challenge, and virtually passed through townships so fast, that I couldn’t keep up with the research. I did learn about the virtual race course, though, and Yes.Fit would send me snapshots of the course as I went along, things that I would see if I was walking the course in real life. At certain mileposts they would send me links to pages, such as National Geographic and other sites about some of the history of the area and Arthurian legend, so I got to see some of the landscape and learned something as I walked the 23.2 miles to complete the challenge. Some of the things that I had been conscious about while doing the virtual challenge was keeping up with my distances each day. I tracked my progress on the Apple Health app on my phone, and I found myself purposely walking the longer routes and moving more. It was so neat to look at the app at the end of each day and see the number of miles walked and steps taken. It was also good to go to the Yes.Fit app dashboard and see the miles walked getting higher and higher each day. Being mindful of what I was eating and drinking was also, always, a plus.

As of now I am into my next challenge, The Way Of The Warrior, based on the ancient Samurai. It is a 77.5 mile challenge, and I look forward to completing it soon. I haven’t set my goal for this race yet, but being back at work should help with racking up the walking miles. Again, I will be tracking my distance and steps taken progress. Hopefully I will see some major improvements in my weight and overall health throughout all of this.

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