You started building a wall, and begged me to climb. The higher I climb, the higher you build. I can’t climb any more. You have built so high that I can’t even see the light shining over the top of your wall. I hope that, in all of your building, you put in a door. When you’re ready to step out from behind your wall, you will find me, still here, still willing to be your friend







Reminiscinces of ago times

Old friend




Whenever I am near you, I can hear you calling me. I can feel you pulling me to you, and anticipate the time we will spend together.

I look at you, and marvel at the beauty of you. The way the warm sun glistens off of your undulations, as you glide gracefully, giving life to all in and around you.

I feel so at peace whenever I am in your presence. You are my sanctuary; my safe haven; my refuge from the world. Every anxiety, every worry, every care slowly ebbs from my head, down through my feet, as I give myself over, and feel you move over me.

As much as I wish I could, I know I can’t hold you. As you continue to move, I know that you belong to others. So I leave you, longing for the next time we can be together.

But shhh…I am the one here now, and this is my time.
(The photo above was taken at my favorite spot on the river near my house)

A Little Poetry: Part 1

Oh, were it but a cloudless night, and the full moon was high up in its realm, then I would tilt your face up toward the sky, so that the man in the moon could gaze upon it and know that such beauty existed on the earth as it does in the heavens.
When I see you I like to think that, somewhere in time our paths have crossed and, in that crossing of space and time, we smiled a little smile to each other, and warmed each other’s heart.