Book Adicts 

Our daughter took a trip recently, and texted me while she was at the airport, saying that she was the only person in the world who could plan for weeks which books to take, then buy another one at the airport. I texted her back, saying that she wasn’t either. She’s just like her daddy (that would be me)!

Last weekend we went to a family reunion. I took two books with me. On Saturday we drove in to the little town in which we were staying, and found a huge used bookstore. I ended up buying five more books! I may have a problem lol.

I am glad that my daughter loves to read. When she was young I encouraged reading and journaling. She took to it with a passion, and, while still in high school, worked as a writer and typesetter for our small town newspaper. She is quite the photographer, too. She took her love for writing and books, and her mother’s (that would be my trophy wife) influence as a professional educator, and got her degree in elementary education. She is now in her third year as a fifth grade English/Language Arts teacher. She is always looking for, and buying books for her classroom library, so if you are a young adult writer, please send me some of your titles, so I can buy them and donate them to her class as I can afford to.

When we are anywhere, we will always find a bookstore, antique shop, thrift store, anywhere that may have books, and will usually end up spending lots of money that we probably shouldn’t. Maybe we both have a problem. Nah…so many books, so little time!

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