Bucket List: Part 1

8AD853A1-CC24-489C-B712-8A684E37995BLike many people I have a bucket list. It’s not a very long list. Just a few places I’d like to visit and things I’d like to do. I’m a pretty simple man. Also, like most I’m sure, I can’t seem to complete anything on it, because my bucket is so full of holes that I have to keep plugging it to keep what little is in there from falling out.

I’ve recently added a new place to my bucket list. That is to visit the country of Wales. Why Wales, you ask? Well… keep reading and I’ll tell you. My daddy’s family has been traced back to the mid 17th Century Scotland. Other than a few names, though, I don’t have much information on them. I do know that the spelling of my surname, Black, is of Welsh origin, and that the Black name is associated with the Scottish Clans McGregor, McClain and Lamont. Our tartan closely resembles that of Clan Gregor, who was labeled as enemies of the king and ran up into the mountains. My theory has always been that my ancestors were of Clan Gregor, who ran up into the mountains and into Wales, where the name was changed in an effort to hide and live peacefully, without  retaliation from the Crown. Again, this is just my theory. I’m not a historian, and my reasoning could be way off base.

But the reason I’ve recently added Wales to my bucket list is not to go on any genealogical expedition. It’s because I have had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of one of Wales’ great authors, Mr Graham Watkins. Look out for Bucket List: Part 2 to learn more about Graham and his books. If you just can’t wait for Part 2, you can go to his website at, grahamwatkins.info, and check out his library.


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