Book Review of M.A. Hollstein’s Fatal Reaction: The Beginning


Another author I have had the pleasure of meeting on Twitter is Michelle Ann Hollstein. She is the talented, multi-genre author behind the Aggie Underhill Mysteries series. Fans of fantasy reading may know her as the author of The Niberia Chronicles trilogy, or, if you prefer mystery mixed with paranormal romance, you might enjoy reading her Lost Souls series. And, if that is not enough, she is also a very talented artist with a series of non-fiction books out, titled, Who Says You Can’t Paint.

She has recently ventured into a new genre, that of sci-fi, with her Fatal Reaction series.  The first book in the series is titled, appropriately enough, “The Beginning”, and it is every bit as good as her other books with a strong plot and solid characters.

After spending a girls’ weekend in Vegas, Ellie was heading back home to California and stopped in at a dessert gas station to refuel and grab some snacks. When a woman, looking very ill and seemingly badly blistered, entered the store and started growling, Ellie wondered if the woman was okay and tried to render assistance. After the woman attacked the elderly store owner in a beastlike manner, Ellie managed to get away with her life intact, only to realize later that it was not just an isolated incident. She would soon discover that similar attacks by the “infecteds” were happening all over the world.

This is a great first book of, what looks to be, an equally great series. What is causing the people of the world to become infected, raging lunatics? Is it a terrorist plot? A biological anomaly? Predestined genetical occurance? Or is it something much bigger? I highly recommend that you read this book. The second book in the series, Fatal Reaction: Survival, has just been released, so, get in on this series from The Beginning!

To learn more about Michelle Hollstein, you can find her author page at, or visit her web page at She’s got some really cool book trailer videos on here, also.


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