Come Take A Walk With Me, Virtually


So…while perusing Facebook recently, I discovered a new app that allows the user to participate in virtual races. It’s called Yes.Fit, and they offer “over 65” different virtual challenges of varying lengths and series. They also have specialized races from time to time that are for specific categories and/or are limited to a number of participants. The best part of the program is that you can complete the challenges at your own pace, however, be advised that some of them may be time sensitive. I used the picture of the knight for this one, because the race I have chosen for my first challenge is called King Arthur. The legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table have always been an interest of mine since I was a kid, and this one jumped out at me.

It was very easy to set up my profile and get started. I picked the race I wanted to do, picked my reward (yes, just like any other race you sign up for, you have a choice of a medal or a T-shirt at an additional cost), entered my shipping and payment information and I was set. Yes.Fit progress can be tracked through a number of fitness devices. I am using Apple Health on my phone for now, but may go to another device, as I don’t always have my phone on me when I walk.

My plan is to do this virtual challenge to get myself into a better routine of getting out and moving more, however, I want to take it a step further. Each challenge gives you an introduction to the race, plus a map of where you would be walking if you were doing it for real. This challenge is 23.2 miles long, and runs “along the rugged North Coast of Cornwall to Tintagel”. As I get further into each journey and come into different towns, I plan to blog about each town and some of the history as it may partain to Arthurian legend. You can join me in one of two ways. You can go to the Yes.Fit page on Facebook and sign up for your own challenge, or continue to follow my blog and walk along with me that way. Since this is my first race with Yes.Fit I’m not sure what all to expect. They sent me a picture this morning of a coastal scene from the beginning of the race. I’ll try and add those to the blogs, too.

I encourage you to go and check out the Yes.Fit Facebook page (Yes.Fit) and see what all they have to offer. I mentioned at the top that they offer challenges in different series. They have series, such as folklore, legends and myths; literary figures and authors; scenic highways and byways; wine countries; the Appalachian Trail and a lot more. You may find one that jumps out at you, too.

You all have a great day. I’ll blog more later. Right now, though, I’m going for a walk.

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