Another Step Taken

One of my writing goals for 2018 was to set up my own website, making it easier – hopefully – to market my blog and for people to be able to find me and my posts. So, right here at the END of 2018, I did this thing. I purchased a web domain through, the site that has hosted my blog for the past 14 months. My personal website address is (go ahead and add it to your favorites now, please), and has a front page and a blog page already. I just started setting up the site, and will add more pages as I get more accustomed to navigating the site. You can see my last three posts, and, if you want to see my other posts, you can use the scroll down ARCHIVE menu and choose a month to peruse. You can also find me at my Facebook writing site (which I see I need to do some serious work on) and my Twitter page by clicking the social media icon on either page. Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, I’ve got it for a year right now, and will continue to play with it and tweak it for maximum use. My next project will be to establish my LLC and trademark my Broken Anvil Press brand. 2019 looks to be an interesting year.

Until next time.



You started building a wall, and begged me to climb. The higher I climb, the higher you build. I can’t climb any more. You have built so high that I can’t even see the light shining over the top of your wall. I hope that, in all of your building, you put in a door. When you’re ready to step out from behind your wall, you will find me, still here, still willing to be your friend.