Book Review: Something’s Fishy In Palm Springs by Michelle Ann Hollstein


Title: Something’s Fishy In Palm Springs

Author/Publisher: Michelle Ann Hollstein

Year Released: 2008

Hi, Guys! I’m back with another book review for indie author/publisher, Michelle Hollstein.  Yes, I just did a review of her book, Deadly Withdrawal, the first book in her Aggie Underhill Mystery series. Something’s Fishy In Palm Springs is Hollstein’s second foray into mystery writing, and finds her attractive, albeit “too nosy for her own good” protagonist, Ms Aggie Underhill, once again involved in a mystery that goes from missing to murder, with a couple kidnappings mixed in, when a beautiful online dating site owner/ part-time actress goes missing, a fish is kidnapped and a murder occurs during a party for the fishy. Yes, I said a party for the fishy. In this book, readers are further introduced to Betty, Aggie’s best friend for over twenty years, and Roger, Betty’s flamboyant cousin, whom she found during an online family search.

Overall, I give the book four out of five stars. There are grammatical errors and misspellings throughout the book, and I felt the ending was a little too convenient. With that said, I think that Something’s Fishy In Palm Springs is a great second effort into this new genre, and look forward to seeing how Hollstein’s plots and characters develop over the next eight books in the series. If you’re looking for a light, “quirky” mystery series, you need to check out the Aggie Underhill Mystery series by Michelle Ann Hollstein. For the holidays, I’m reading Maid In Heaven, the third book in the Aggie Underhill series, and will have a review soon afterward.

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