5AB7A65F-AE32-4D2E-8579-AC774E22DB21So, it’s extremely cold across the United States and, here in the southern parts, people just aren’t prepared for what we’ve already gotten and what’s to come. Temperatures got down to 16 degrees Fahrenheit at work Monday night. Since we don’t experience such extreme cold on a regular basis, we generally don’t have the goods and resources as states where this is the norm. Sometimes the results are fatal.

Yesterday, while in bed recovering from a severe biliary stone attack, I had an idea that would combine blogging and hashtagging. About 99.99% of the time hashtag games are for fun and to escape the seriousness of daily routines. In this blog, I am proposing that gamers offer advice on good practices for extreme, life-threatening cold weather. My hope is that we will share tips and suggestions that will help us all get through the winter. If you live in the northern states, Canada or in another part of the world that experiences sub-zero temps, share your knowledge with us warm weathered human beings.

You can leave your comments on here. If you are on Twitter, play the hashtag game, or share on whatever social media you use. Let’s have fun, but helpful. Thanks!

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Hi, Y’all, I started my blog in September of 2017. A lot of stuff has happened since then, and I have added a lot of posts. I have recently purchased a domain – jimgblack.blog – through WordPress.com, who has been posting my blogs from the beginning, and so I am editing this post to bring it up to date. So…the title, Broken Anvil…what does it mean? I hear you asking. When I was younger my daddy used to say I could tear up an anvil, if I could ever get my hands on one. It wasn’t that I was a destructive little brat (depending on whom you ask), just very inquisitive as to how things worked. So, I would tear things apart to get to the insides. I just never could put them back together – hence the reason I’m not a surgeon. Anyway, I have often thought that Broken Anvil would be a good name for a lot of things, none of which I could ever get around to creating. So I figured, what the heck? Use it as the title for my blog. If you look at my profile, you will see that I started this venture to practice my writing and just have fun with it. I am starting my first book, and welcome any and all help, advice, tips, tricks and criticisms I can get. I hope you will read and follow my posts, and recommend me to others. My two biggest wishes are that I will become a better writer, and that you will just enjoy what you read. I have a lot of interests, and will write on a variety of things. Some serious. Some humorous. But always from the heart and my warped perspective on things. You can also follow me on Twitter and my writing page on Facebook, which I see needs a lot of serious work, by clicking on the social media icons found on each page. I hope you like what you see. If you do, please leave a like and/or a comment. And feel free to recommend my blog to others who might enjoy it.

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