New Year… New Direction?



So…I hit a slump after the first of the year, and haven’t been feeling too creative. The ideas just haven’t been coming to me like they did when I first started this blog. As is normally the case, inspiration is usually found right under your nose, and, because of a Facebook reply from my dad, I think I have found a new direction for my writing.

As I read other posts on Twitter and other blog sites, I have seen that most people have common threads to their posts. From writing and reading and inspirational thought to fun and games and hashtagging, political rants, cute animals and seductive pics, the point is, although there is a lot of different stuff out there, the people doing the posting are mainly sticking to a single theme, while ADD me is all over the place with my posts.

Which brings me to my point. When I was young, my dad was a scout master, and we went camping once a month, never cancelling a trip due to weather, which led to some very interesting camping trips. The other day my dad replied to one of my posts, saying, “We need to write a book about camping and having fun doing it” (light bulb went off over my head). I spent a huge part of my growing up in the woods camping, hiking, cooking, fishing, etc, and there are lots of stories I could tell, so, why not write them down? Also, one of my personal goals for this year is to get outside more, so I will be able to write about those adventures, as well. Maybe having a theme will keep me active, physically and creatively.

Keep following. New stuff coming soon. I need a catchphrase for my posts. Maybe that’s coming soon, too lol.

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