Where Are The Marching Bands?



Okay, if you follow my blog posts, and actually read them, you will see that this isn’t the outdoorsman type post I wrote about a couple weeks ago, however, this post is about an activity that is enjoyed outdoors – football.

It’s Super Bowl time again, and, as every year, I am compelled to climb upon my band geek soap box, and talk about what is missing from the “big game”. Every other element is there; the stadium, the crowds, the teams, the alcohol, even the big tailgating activities before, during and after the game. So…where are the marching bands?

Marching bands and football games have gone hand-in-hand since the beginning of football and marching bands. It is a natural relationship, like peas and carrots (for you Forest Gump fans). Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Justin Timberlake. I think he’s an awesome entertainer, and this blog is not directed at him. This is about the nation’s expectation that there has to be a big name singer giving a concert in the middle of a football game. Want to know why tickets are so high? Because you’re not only paying to watch two football teams vie for the national championship. You’re also paying millions for a mini rock concert. Those bands and roadies and technicians don’t work for free, not even for the Super Bowl.

But, Jim…there are no big professional marching bands out there, some of you are saying (others are saying you prefer the mini rock concerts, others of you stopped caring about this post after the second sentence, I know). Are there not? Go online and look up Drum Corps International, better known as DCI. There are huge, competitive marching bands all over the nation as part of DCI. I have been following DCI since I was a kid and had two friends who played with different bands. These dedicated musicians are every bit as professional and competitive as any player on that field. You could also take bands from schools in the two states that have teams in the Super Bowl and let them learn a routine and play at halftime. Then the NFL could take that money they are paying for these mini concerts and donate to the music programs in those states. I say we need to bring the marching bands to the “big game”, and let them showcase their talents. Band Geeks Unite!!

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3 thoughts on “Where Are The Marching Bands?

  1. To be honest I had never thought about this before but after reading couldn’t agree more. Like you I agree mainstream music is great and this is not a knock against it. But it doesn’t need to be forced into everything we do. A diverse range of music in everyday life widens minds and opportunity. Orchestral music enhances sci-fi and comic book hero films, viewers enjoy this without even thinking “its not my kind of music”. Big band music and sports games are very similar, at sports events band music is enjoyed – Love your idea of funds going to local schools music programs

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      1. A lot of people don’t realize that there is a “next level” for marching bands, like there is for athletics. And with so many school districts cutting the arts, most students don’t even get a chance to learn, let alone develop a love and excitement for it. I would love to see more emphasis placed on musical development. When I was young the band opened up a lot of doors for me, gave me a place to belong and helped bring me out of my shell. And at 51 years old, I can say that I still enjoy performing when I get the chance. Thank you again for your nice reply.


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